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If you are a serious wine collector, a complete beginner, or just someone wanting to have some fun, talk to us.

Barrique Wine Club

Sign up for our exclusive barrique club and get your own personalised barrel of wine from one of the world's top producers. Customised production and your own excusive private label means nobody else in the world will have access to the same wine! Visit the winery and check on the ageing process of your wine. A completely unique opportunity for individuals, groups or companies.Tell me more about Barrique Wine Club

Wine Tours

Travel to some of the world's best wine regions with Kris as your guide. Benefit from his knowledge of the regions, producers and some of the great things to do, see and eat in beautiful settings.

Start Your Own Wine Cellar

Want to start collecting wine, but don't know where to start? We can help advise on what to buy, how to store it and when to drink it. We can even do the buying for you and save you all the trouble!

Learn About Wine

We offer wine and food matching dinners, help choosing or buying wines and wine classes. Our wine classes are aimed at helping you know how to choose wine and then knowing if the wine you bought was good quality and value for money.

VIP Tasting Dinners

Make an event extra special by adding some interest and fun. Try one of our tutored tasting dinners where we will teach you about some wine, match it to your food and make sure you have some fun along the way!

Read Our Blog

Learn more about wine, get recommendations about what to buy in your market and find out what is going on in the world of wine with some of our findings from around the web. Ok. Take me to your blog