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Wine, Hospitality & English Language Learning Expertise
With a unique combination of professional wine industry experience, teaching - both wine related and English as a second language (ESL), and course design, Kris is able to offer courses to suit the needs of students in Asia learning about wine as non-native speakers.

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• Introduction to Wine and Wine Tasting
• Wine & Food Pairing
• The World of Wine - Introduction to the most important regions and styles influencing the world market
• English for the Hospitality Industry
• English for the Wine Industry - Including sourcing, shipping, marketing and tasting
• How to create, maintain and promote a wine list

Bespoke courses aligned with the specific needs of your learners

• Course Format Options:
• 100% Classroom based
• Blended - Online learning combined with classroom based learning
• Course lengths may vary or be customised to suit your needs
• Practical components involving travel and job placements can be discussed

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