Jo Nash Wines Coming to Taiwan

Exciting New Range on its way to Taiwan

I was pleased to hear the news the McPherson Wines from Victoria in Australia's new flagship wines, the Jo Nash range, are on their way to Taiwan. Named after the chief winemaker at McPherson Wines, Jo leads an all female winemaking team. The wines offer Jo and her team a chance to fully express themselves with the Jo Nash range being the premium wines made by McPherson Wines.

I recently tasted them with Taiwanese importers Winner Distribution International and was impressed with their complexity and finesse. There are three wines in the range - Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. All of the wines offer great varietal character, structure and are very textural and sophisticated. I really like the trend in Australian winemaking towards slightly more delicate, elegant styles away from big blockbucter wines. there is absolutley a place for huge, full-bodied blockbuster styles and I'm an unabashed fan of many of them, but as they say, variety is the spice of life! The Jo Nash wines fully deliver on the flavour and balance front, with the judicial use of a mix of new and old oak barrels (barriques for the Pinot Noir and Cabernet and puncheons for the Shiraz) offering a subtle, well integrated support act to the fruit.

There is an exciting breadth to the range of styles, grape varieties and winemaking techniques coming out of Australia right now. If you think you know all about what Australia does on the wine front, it could be time to look again, the wines might surprise you!
Grab a bottle of Jo Nash Shiraz for your next BBQ!

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